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Marianne Licud - About the Content Specialist

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Hi! I’m Marianne, and my goal is to apply key writing and storytelling techniques to help you connect with your customers.

With a passion for narratives, psychology and marketing, I’d like to help you learn how you can create a memorable brand and be there for your audience from beginning to end.


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We’ll work together and bring out the best of your business through your messaging, content, and copy.
Here’s what I can help with:

Content Planning

Website Pages

Blog Content Strategy

Brand Voice


Brand Voice Guide

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Message Templates

Learn more about how words can work for you.

One of the key projects for this site is to create a resource hub for hospitality, tourism and travel businesses. Copywriting is a powerful tool for interacting with travelers, even before they pack up their bags!

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I’m sure you have a lot of inspiring ideas. Let’s discuss them and start communicating with travelers you’d love to serve.