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Marianne Licud - About the Content Specialist

Welcome to ML Copywriting!

Hi! I’m Marianne, a copywriter for hospitality and travel services.

With a background in the industry, I grew to love it and found an opportunity to partner this passion with my writing skills!

I’ve been working as a content specialist since 2019 and have helped several clients to curate and creating valuable digital content.

Less time attracting guests;
More time hosting them.

Let’s work together and bring out the best of your business through your messaging, content, and copy.
Here’s what I can help with:

brand voice discovery

Brand Voice Guide


Website Pages
Property Pages

Direct messaging

Email Marketing
Message Templates

ON-site/ print copy

Welcome Book
Signage Copy

Learn more about how words can work for you.

One of the key projects for this site is to create a resource hub for hospitality, tourism and travel businesses. Copywriting is a powerful tool for interacting with travelers, even before they pack up their bags!

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Craft and hone your messaging today.

I’m sure you have a lot of inspiring ideas. Let’s discuss them and start communicating with travelers you’d love to serve.