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Hi, it’s Marianne here. I’m a content specialist for hospitality and service businesses, with the main goal of helping business owners engage patrons before they even step foot in the door.
I worked in the hotel industry for 4 years both in the front and back office. Meeting many people during that journey was something that I never expected to love, but I ended up doing so anyways. This passion for the hospitality industry, paired with my love for writing and amazing stories makes the perfect combination for what I want to help people with.
The service industry is indeed a unique one, and each instance of service is different for each patron. My ideal is to help businesses tell their own story to the guests, and let them make their own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I focus on the three main services highlighted in the Services Page, but I also have a background with social media content management and writing emails for email marketing. If you’re interested in those, let me know!

I currently reside in the Philippines, but I worked in the Middle East (Bahrain) for most of my adult life. Happy to see more of the world in the future!

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